DJI Fly Waypoint Mission to Litchi Waypoint Mission Instructions


This application will convert a DJI Fly waypoint kmz file into a Litchi csv file.

  1. Accessing a Mavic 3 waypoint kmz file
    1. DJI waypoint files are stored in a folder adjacent to DJI flight logs using the following structure:
      • waypoint (Android) wayline_mission (IOS)
      • Note: The long XXXX number is a GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier).
    2. Use these instructions to access a DJI waypoint mission kmz file.
  2. In page one of Mavic 3 Waypoint to Litchi:
    1. Use the file chooser to upload your kml file.
    2. Generate the mission and review the resulting parameters.
  3. In page two of Mavic 3 Waypoint to Litchi:
    1. Review the parameters and calculations.
    2. Download the csv file.
  4. In the Litchi Mission Hub:
    1. Use the Missions menu to import the csv file created by Spiral Mission Maker for Litchi.
    2. In "Settings" make sure that the "Heading Mode" is set to "Custom(WD)".
    3. Adjust the Litchi mission parameters (such as speed) as desired
    4. Go fly!
DJI Fly waypiont mission

This web application can be used to convert a DJI Fly waypoint mission into a Litchi waypoint mission. DJI waypoint missions are stored in a KMZ file. Litchi waypoint missions can be stored in a CSV file. This web application converts the waypoints and mission parameters from DJI's XML/WPML format to Litchi's CSV format.

It is important to understand that the resulting Litchi waypoint mission will not follow the exact path of the DJI Fly waypoint mission. This is because Litchi and DJI use different methods to generate a curved mission flight path. The differences between Litchi and DJI flight paths are described here.

This web application was written based on examining a number of DJI KMZ files. It is possible that this application will fail when mission parameters are encountered that I have not yet seen. If you discover a failure, please let me know. I will ask that you provide a sample DJI KMZ file so that I can troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

All DJI Fly missions are stored using metric units. While Litchi can import CSV files with either metric or imperial units, a choice is provided for the output.

CSV units:
Kmz File Upload:


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by Wes Barris