GPX to Litchi Waypoint Mission Instructions BETA!!!


This application will convert track segments from a GPX file into a Litchi csv file.

  1. In page one of GPX to Litchi Waypoint Mission:
    1. Select the desired units to be stored in the Litchi CSV file.
    2. Select the desired heading mode.
    3. Select the desired path mode.
    4. If the GPX file contains MSL elevation data, this option can be used to enable the specification of an above-ground height.
    5. If your data contains points that are very close together, use the "Skip close waypoints" option to eliminate these close waypoints.
    6. Specify the maximum number of waypoints in the output mission. Due to round-off errors, the resulting mission may contain an extra waypoint.
    7. Select the mission height. This value will be used for all waypoints.
    8. Select the gimbal pitch angle. This value will be used for all waypoints.
    9. Use the file chooser to upload your gpx file.
    10. Generate the mission and review the resulting parameters.
  2. In page two of GPX to Litchi Waypoint Mission:
    1. Review the parameters and calculations.
    2. Download the csv file.
  3. In the Litchi Mission Hub:
    1. Use the Missions menu to import the csv file created by Spiral Mission Maker for Litchi.
    2. In "Settings" make sure that the "Heading Mode" is set to "Custom(WD)".
    3. Adjust the Litchi mission parameters (such as speed) as desired
    4. Go fly!
GPX Data

This web application can be used to convert a GPX file into a Litchi waypoint mission. GPX files are written in XML and are commonly used with Garmin devices. A GPX file can contain three primary types of information:

  • Waypoints (ignored)
  • Routes (ignored)
  • Tracks (converted to a Litch waypoint mission)
Track segments typically containing GPS coordinates and elevations. The elevation data may or may not represent ground level MSL elevation data. If the "Above Ground" option is checked below, the specified height will be added to the difference between the elevation of the current waypoint minus the elevation of waypoint 1. In some cases, this will simulate the "Above Ground" option found in Litchi's Mission Hub.

CSV units:
Heading Mode:
Path Mode:
Above Ground:
Skip close waypoints:
Maximum waypoints:
Mission Height:
Gimbal Pitch:
GPX File Upload:
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by Wes Barris