Litchi Above-Ground to Google Elevation Instructions BETA!!!


This web application converts Litchi "Above Gound" heights to Google elevation heights.

  1. In page one of Litchi Above-Ground to Google Elevation:
    1. Use the file chooser to upload your CSV file.
    2. Generate the mission and review the resulting parameters.
  2. In page two of Litchi Above-Ground to Google Elevation:
    1. Review the parameters and calculations.
    2. Download the csv file.
  3. In the Litchi Mission Hub:
    1. Use the Missions menu to import the csv file created by Litchi Above-Ground to Google Elevation.
    2. Adjust the Litchi mission parameters (such as speed) as desired
    3. Go fly!
Google Elevation API

When the "Above Ground" option is used in Litchi's Mission Hub an elevation API (Application Programming Interface) is used to obtain elevation data at that waypoint. The height of that waypoint is then adjusted so that the specified height becomes the "Above Ground" height at that waypoint.

Google also provides an elevation API which provides similar, but different, elevation values from what are used in Litchi. Sometimes Litchi's elevation data is more correct. Sometimes Google's elevation data is more correct.

This web application can be used to convert a Litchi mission that uses the "Above Ground" option to another Litchi mission that uses Google's elevation data instead.

Litchi CSV File Upload:
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