AirData to Litchi Converter Instructions


This application will convert a CSV file from AirData into a CSV file that can be imported into Litchi, resulting in a waypoint mission.

  1. Synchronize your flight data to AirData
    1. Fly your drone.
    2. Synchronize your flight data to AirData.
      1. AirData provides well-written help files describing this process.
    3. Select your flight in the list on the left side of the AirData dashboard.
    4. Select "CSV" under the map of your flight. Save the CSV file to your computer.
  2. In page one of AirData to Litchi Converter:
    1. Choose whether or not to use the mission speed at each waypoint. If this is set to "no", the Litchi mission will simply use the cruising speed.
    2. Select the number of waypoint to be used to approximate your mission.
    3. The flight log begins as soon as the drone motors are started (which is usually where the home point is also set). Choose the horizontal distance from the home point where the first waypoint is to be computed.
    4. Use the file chooser to upload your csv file.
    5. Generate the mission and review the resulting parameters.
  3. In page two of AirData to Litchi Converter:
    1. Review the parameters and calculations.
    2. Download the csv file.
  4. In the Litchi Mission Hub:
    1. Use the Missions menu to import the csv file created by AirData to Litchi Converter.
    2. Delete any waypoints that are not desired.
    3. In "Settings" make sure that the "Heading Mode" is set to "Custom(WD)".
    4. Adjust the Litchi mission parameters (such as speed or curve size) as desired
    5. Go fly!
AirData Dashboard

The following question is sometimes asked: Is it possible to fly a drone manually and then convert that flight into a repeatable Litchi mission? Strictly speaking, the answer is "no". However, this utility will allow one to approximate[*] the flown missing by placing waypoints along the flight path. Depending on your requirements, this solution may produce adequate results.

The first step in this process is to synchronize your flight data to AirData. This process is not difficult. In fact, you may already be doing this. If you are not, AirData provides very well-written instructions.

Once your flight data is synchronized with AirData, it is simply a matter of downloading the CSV file from AirData, uploading it here, while making a few selections.

[*] Why is this only an approximation? Flight logs contain data points that define the actual path that was flown. Waypoints in Litchi missions do not necessarily lie on the flight path. As a result, using data points from a flight log as waypoints will only approximately re-create the original mission.

Custom speed at waypoints:
Skip close waypoints:
Desired number of Waypoints:
Distance from Home to WP1:
CSV/SRT File Upload:


  • Added the ability to read Litchi flightlog CSV files
    • One can now upload a Litchi flight log directly. If you encounter any errors, please let me know.
  • Added the ability to read video caption SRT files
    • One can now upload a video caption SRT file.
    • Since an SRT file does not contain any heading or gimbal pitch information, the heading will be set to point at the following waypoint and the pitch angle will be set to 0 (zero).
    • Older SRT files do not contain any speed information. In those cases, the custom speed option will be ignored.
    • Subtitle Extractor for DJI Drones
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